My name is Maria, I live in Leipzig, Germany and have been diagnosed with RRMS in October 2019.
I discovered the OMS approach pretty quickly after dx. 
Luckily the discovery and persuasion of the program supported me to gain hope, resilience and much more well-being as a person that used to cross her limits frequently.
I’m a true foodie and used to be an omnivore before diagnosis. Dealing with MS reanimated my creativity and love towards cooking. 
I want to provide my ideas on how to integrate OMS (dieting) into daily life in combination with my scientific knowledge as a pharmacist in training to help others and to find a way to cope with this monumental game changer myself.
Key points are vegan and fish based recipes with low saturated fat content, high omega 3 sources and without refined sugars as well as updates on research progression, personal advice and experiences in dealing with symptoms, flares, attacks, throwbacks and other co-morbidities like BPD, joint and bone problems and hormonal imbalance – as in my case. 

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