Airport inspired buddha bowl

I never thought I’d get inspired by airport food but last weekend I was really needy and it was the first time I flew under „OMS guidelines“ so I bought 2 different salads and mixed them together – never expected it but it was hella amazing so I recreated the base with some changes (actually just red beet, sweet potatoe and quinoa was similar, the other stuff was different (like cranberries, kale, etc) – my version seems to be pretty crazy and random again but trust me, it works! 


  •  2 medium sweet potatoes, diced and cooked
  •  1/2 cup quinoa
  •  1 cup fresh spinach (mixed into warm quinoa)
  •  1 fresh red beet, diced
  •  1 cup of (pre-)cooked brown lentils
  •  1/2 avocado diced
  •  3 slices pomelo
  •  handful apple chips
  • topped with: hummus, dash of EVOO, freshly pressed lemon juice, sesame, chili flakes, pepper, parsley, cilantro 

p.s.I was also super satisfied by my snack pack I prepared which will definitely become a standard – I’m super often on the road for a longer time and eating out is way more different now. It included: sweet chestnuts, dried apple rings, 2 buns with hummus, seitan, veggies and homemade cashew cram cheese, tiny bottle of flaxseed oil, banana, apple, baby rice waffles with rasperry & apple flavour (I made little burgers out of it: 2 rice waffles and an apple ring inbetween (⊃。-́‿-̀。)⊃ ) 

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