OMS friendly Ramen

basic ingredients:

  • homemade veggie broth (see recipe “warming veggie soup” below)
  • ramen concentrate (simmer soy sauce, fish sauce and 3 anchovy filets for 2h)
  • soba or ramen noodles


  • grilled tomato
  • grilled onion
  • baby spinach
  • bean sprouts
  • homemade kimchi
  • scallions, chopped
  • sweet corn
  • wakame
  • sesame seeds
  • smoked tofu, grilled
  • shiitake mushrooms, grilled
  • carrots, sliced and grilled
  • sesame oil to drizzle

    (all optional, just mentioned the ones I used in the picture above)


  1. prepare broth and concentrate (see above)
  2. prepare toppings
  3. cook noodles
  4. heat the bowls (pour boiling water inside) – if everything’s ready, remove water
  5. add 1 tbsp of concentrate into the bowls
  6. add broth until the bowl is 2/3 filled
  7. add ramen and afterwards the toppings

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