full-time working

It got a little quiet in here for some time. As I mentioned I’ve been through a graduation phase of 2 months with non-stop exams.
It was probably one of the most stressful and challenging phases in my life so far because I felt even more forced to get “something done” with almost 30ys and a chronic illness, responsible of taking care of my future course.
But I didn’t just made it through, I graduated excellently and felt more alive afterwards than I felt for a really long time.
And it’s not just that: I didn’t experience a major worsening in symptoms, a set-back / rebound after everything settled again.
That’s also a confirmation that all the hard work I put in trying to slow down MS in eating healthy, exercising and stress-management even if there was no extra time and energy left, was worth it.
So to all fellow MSers out there: You don’t have to put yourself through a similar amount of stress but don’t stop challenging yourself and don’t let MS ruin your dreams.
I was hoping for some chill-out time after that phase but I needed to start full-time working immediately.
It’s okay so far but I noticed a quite annoying difference: Working in a pharmacy requires multi-tasking. When I’ve been at the exact same place over 2ys ago I was able to manage it and I hadn’t too many difficulties with this troublesome environment.
Now I kinda need to be left alone completing a task, if someone talks to me while doing it, I’m just not able to follow anything. Or if I need to do 2 or more tasks in the same time, I just block. It’s like my ability to process and also my short-term memory completely disappears.
My boss and the co-workers know about my MS but it’s still tricky to tell them to just not talk to me if I need to focus and complete a task successfully because doing one thing after the other is mostly not possible working in a pharmacy.
Have you issues in terms of processing and completing different tasks in noisy environments too? If so, how do you deal with it? Do you have any strategy advice?

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