Ragú on lemony Polenta

This was another more or less spontaneous pantry dinner. The creamy ragú is based on brown mushrooms, mountain lentils, green asparagus and smoked tofu. ingredients: 1 cup polenta 1 cup mountain lentils 400g brown mushrooms zest and juice of 1 lemon 100g green asparagus, sliced 80g smoked tofu, diced 1 (red) onion, chopped 1 glove … Continue reading Ragú on lemony Polenta

White asparagus soup

Thought about posting this because it’s the time of the year and you might need an addition for your Easter dinner! Usually I don’t like white asparagus that much but the recipe by Elle Republic totally convinced me. It’s without any milky ingredient but a cashew base which seemed to be interesting to try out.I … Continue reading White asparagus soup