Ragú on lemony Polenta

This was another more or less spontaneous pantry dinner. The creamy ragú is based on brown mushrooms, mountain lentils, green asparagus and smoked tofu. ingredients: 1 cup polenta 1 cup mountain lentils 400g brown mushrooms zest and juice of 1 lemon 100g green asparagus, sliced 80g smoked tofu, diced 1 (red) onion, chopped 1 glove … Continue reading Ragú on lemony Polenta

Quick weeknight dinner: baked veggies with herbal dip

ingredients & instructions: put empty baking pan into preheated oven (about 200°C) for about 15 min cut brussels sprouts into half remove pan and press the brussels down sided into the pan for an extra roast  put them back into the oven for about 5 min  prepare the marinade: soaking water from 1 can chickpeas … Continue reading Quick weeknight dinner: baked veggies with herbal dip

Sweet potato-lentil-bean Chili with lemony Avocado-Dip

ingredients: 1 big sweet potato 2 onions 2 gloves of garlic  1 cup beluga lentils  2 bell peppers  2 cups of mixed beans  1 cup sweet corn 1 red chili and 1 jalapeño for garnish 1 can of cooked tomatoes  1 can of cut tomatoes  800ml of veggie broth  cumin, chili, smoked paprika, cinnamon and … Continue reading Sweet potato-lentil-bean Chili with lemony Avocado-Dip

Airport inspired buddha bowl

I never thought I’d get inspired by airport food but last weekend I was really needy and it was the first time I flew under „OMS guidelines“ so I bought 2 different salads and mixed them together – never expected it but it was hella amazing so I recreated the base with some changes (actually … Continue reading Airport inspired buddha bowl

spinach-tomato-rice dish

My friend Alex sent me a recipe by his greek granny for a  spinach-tomato-rice dish  I made it last night for dinner with some modifications. I served it with  wild salmon and homemade wild garlic pesto  (recipe in previous post)  ingredients of my rice version: 1,5 cups basmati rice   1 onion  2 carrots   1 glove of … Continue reading spinach-tomato-rice dish